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assalamualaikum if you want to welcome to Cass video update today so uh two days ago I actually ended up closing my positions for Cass as well on the private because as far as I remember in the last few updates when I said best of luck you know we were looking at cash not re-testing this line and I've talked about the fact that Cass hasn't been able to retest the lines a few times ago as well but right now uh there's a very big sell-off going on and I'm going to show you in yesterday's video we talked about a rinse and repeat so here we go back into the one hour time frame and I'm going to show you this pattern uh that actually ended up breaking to the downside so the last time we saw this we had this uh sideways uh you know triangle right there but the break was to the upside and you're nearly met the technical Target up there okay now ever since then you started to move sideways and that's where you created another triangle and I told you if you're looking for another break you're looking for a move to the upside again but I told you if you're gonna break down we all looking to go down once again I just want to show you one small recap all right so this was the video like 20 hours ago from now so I'm just gonna play this uh part break and retest and you're good to go to the upside and if you do break down the technical Target is going to be to this area for 4800 okay so that's a and it was a 4800 so basically you're sitting at 44 620 right now this is even much more worse so it happened worse than I was expecting it to happen so you can see sideways broke down came here uh took a lot of stop losses everyone was getting into uh the class bandwagon and everyone thought that oh we're not going to come down but I I always had you know speculations I never like coins that do not retest now here's the thing now if you if you see cast coming down here which in my opinion it's the perfect time for Cass to do that it could be a very very positive to start thinking of entering at this price levels again so I'm more interested I don't think it's it's game over just yet so if I do bring the stick to the side here yeah you broke out you're moving up and now you can see that you have made a bearish pattern two bearish patterns right there and now you're looking for this thing to crawl down and down and down and down and maybe re-test this line finally which is not a bad thing okay if you do and because look this is a pattern right you have a pattern you're breaking up you went to the middle of nowhere you're now coming down you're looking for that retest so whatever was resistance here if that flips into support level that's a buying entry opportunity and you might see this thing take off once again so uh but in the meanwhile this was like I get it it's just a tactics of the market makers okay like yeah go up and up and up and up and up and up and up and all of a sudden start to push to the downside now some few few uh you know support line and a trend line has been broken it has been uh you know it's failing now so you can see that this is a support line here and if I do talk about this trend line okay it's almost like this right there you almost have some few touches going on and you broke out you're looking for that retest as well and you're being rejected so to me personally I do expect a cash to fall down to three nine it was an area that I did expect cash to come down when it was actually here you know it was expecting the pop to happen right there but this pop happened right over there and the pop happened down and this is it okay three nine that's where it makes sense to go down to and I do believe that the four hour time frame is pretty much overbought at the moment it was at the resistance right there you can see this is almost like a regular bearish Divergence as well so so if you can actually come down to three nine and the RSI flashes down to this support level again from where you took off the last time and comes here comes down there again good amazing and I'm going to see you with the next one hello office

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