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assalamualaikum everyone and welcome to chaos video update today so Cass right now is just on a consolidation sideways and the price is pretty much at five zero four eight zero it seems like anyone who is trying to short this coin is getting wrecked uh because there's no any signs of going down at all uh it should have actually gone down way long ago and that is when we were here this was the opportunity to pop down but we never went down we went up give you this technical Target uh we almost meet the Target and ever since it has just been a consolidation now so the progress here is a trend line is in the making okay and this trend line is something like that okay you have this trendline once again it's just a very carbon copy of this right over here so you're moving sideways here you end up moving on the side wasn't probably even push up from there once again so the lower support has been formed and the higher support here looks to be Uh something's almost like that okay so we might be expect acting a little bit of more consolidation for the next two days today is seven until 8th of August uh so until tomorrow it might be going like this until we don't pop up and then continue to move to the upside so if for example we do get a pop above this line and break and retest and you're good to go to the upside and if you do break down the technical Target is going to be to this area for 4800 okay so that's actually like um let's say 40 48 000 actually so that's a 2 000 drop from 50 000 boom down which is actually going to be what in percentage so that's going to be from there to there you could be looking for a 4.66 and this would be nothing more than a correction now could be possible because now you do have a technical Target to go up here and break above you and just continue break above and go like this sideways until you don't miss his Target and when you meet this target you start to crash all the way to the downside and uh perhaps even come all the way down here because this is a line that was never back tested and you could back test this line but I've told you yes to this video that the the nature of how I see this coin is just so different you know it's really really different the way it behaves is so different it doesn't even reach us and you just keep on going to the upside so that's it for just this very quick comment and update on Cass I'm going to see with the next one hello office

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