Last Call to Support Crash Course by Purchasing a Coin! (Video)

hello everyone it's Hank earlier this month we opened up sales for the 2023 Crash Course coin and a heads up for you they will only be available for a few more days this is your last chance should you choose to purchase a coin you are not contributing in some small or symbolic way here our patreon and coin campaigns represent the single largest portion of our budget if you support us in this way you are quite literally enabling the work of Crash Course to continue to all of you who have bought one thank you so much for your support indeed we have already sold out of the twenty thousand and ten thousand order coins these coins are minted from hand engraved dies at a mint in Arkansas and are only available during the very short window that ends tomorrow Friday June 9th so this is your last chance to be a part of our work in this way if this video is still online you can still help us continue making the highest quality educational videos for free at thank you for your support [Music]