LDO COIN News Today! LDO Coin Price Prediction Today (Video)

hello everyone welcome back to my YouTube channel before starting this video make sure to subscribe Channel if you want to join my telegram group guys join now my telegram group link is available in video description guys really if you want to make money from crypto if you want crypto signal for free so join right now to negram group link is available in video description ldo token recently pumping very uh a lot five percent gains in last 24 hour 1.88 has sent the current price of ldo token gas a lot of people asking question about energy or token that is your possibilities for an audio that it will make a breakout guys here but currently if we look here the market so there is not the market is not a bullish or bearish it's completely on a sideways Trend guys it is not a big possibilities in an energy or token gas but if we look here the Price statistics of the volumes looking positive possibilities according to my opinion according to my prediction possibilities for ldo token that it will pump a little bit gas a little bit possibilities for lto that it will because PTC will come I'm sure about PTC virtual pump so obviously a Bitcoin pump so LD Auto and also possibilities that for a little bit it will explode it will pump gun so best time to buy a Leo token gas thanks for watching see you next video