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ladies and gentlemen today we explore the fascinating world of coins some coins hold Hidden Treasures like the 1951 wheat penny now this little gem may not catch your eye at first but it holds immense value coin collectors both the esthetes and the investors are captivated by its Allure as we uncover its secrets we find an interesting connection to the fenig the German cousin of the wheat penny they bear a resemblance yet the wheat stocks distinguish our beloved penny in this quest for knowledge we discover why our skilled mint engravers prefer efficiency as it brings a higher return for the US Mint so let us embark on this journey of coins uniting collectors worldwide in their passion the averse headside of the 1951 wheat penny has a profile of Abraham Lincoln facing right the coin has two legends in God we trust above Lincoln's head and Liberty on the left behind his back the right side of the coin has the mint date with with the mint mark right below it at the shoulder cut off are the initials VDB for Victor David brener the designer the reverse tail side of the 1951 wheat penny has a pair of Durham wheat stocks placed next to the edges of the coin they're positioned to frame the three legends that appear at the center of the coin so ebus Unum runs along the top between the tips of the two wheat stocks below that is one scent in a prominent font followed by United States of America other features of the 1951 wheat penny the 1951 wheat penny was 95% copper and that 5% balance was either tin or zinc though the mint would sometimes combine both base Metals the scent was 19.05 mm in diameter and weighed 311g it had a smooth or plain Edge without any reads these coins had that distinct copper tone graded Rd for red best grade RB for reddish brown or BN for brown 1951 wheat penny value guide collectors will sometimes focus on a specific mint mark targeting all the coins made in that mint over several years others prefer to buy a full set with one specimen from each mint in that particular year either way the mint mark influences the value of the coin so let's take a look to see the Mage figures approximate selling prices and other location related facts the Philadelphia mint made 284 m576 th000 wheat pennies in 1951 including proofs a 1951 PE no mintmark wheat penny graded ms67 Rd Once Sold for $1,350 but that was over 15 years ago at the time we're writing this since the auction was a good while back in 2006 today in 2022 the value of this coin is closer to $110 but you may get lucky if you wait to resell the coin in 2051 that said PCGS has graded only1 19 19 51 P Penney in ms67 plus PCGS appraised it at $88,000 though it wasn't sold and an ms67 RD sold for $154 late in 2019

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