Love Hate Inu coin Massive Selloff! – LHINU Price Prediction (Video)

[Music] um this is this one is the one I'm checking Under The okiex Exchange the coin is still pretty new this was launched like two days ago um and if you can notice here guys we have a big wick right here which means it is a sell-off or a bearish signal meaning that the Bulls were trying to push the price but we have a lot of um we have a lot of uh sellers right in this area taking advantage of that price or selling for a profit we're gonna go ahead and check the four hour to see what happened I'm not really seeing some Trend right here so we're gonna check the one hour to see what we have here okay had to sell off so the price went down tried to retrace from this area if you can notice here guys so it it tried to retrace from 71.8 percent but apparently the price went down after that continuing a downward Trend pattern that you can see right here um and we are now in a ranging Market on this area we're still undecided the the market is really bearish and we are just somehow holding on this zone right here I don't think this is a support Zone because we don't have um a price history of this one um but it is safe to assume that if the price bounces off in this area then we could uh see this as a support Zone but right now we don't have the data yet they're still waiting for the price action to do some movement one of my best confirmation right here is a price break on this resistance that you can see right here so if the price breaks through this this area of resistance we need a retracement that is breaking Above This resistance again so we have a lot of resistance right here or the current price action might react if we hit those area so yeah right now the price is really bearish we are still in the Raging Market meaning the market is undecided we are not seeing any volume right here which is sad um but yeah compared to the the price from May 19 we are now this difference 62.28 let me just double check that out yeah it's around 64 percent decrease compared to the the past days so yeah guys as you saw in this video guys bearish at the moment for the love okay you know