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it's not about picking stocks it's about picking the right portfolio my first question here um relates to Tesla um you know obviously an important stock for the market you know you probably uh you know saw the Morgan Stanley upgrade they say Dojo which is their I guess AI initiative should should add 600 billion to the market cap Target price goes to 400 the top end of the range is 265 pre-market which of course you know we call the kitty pool uh 264 spot 75 so you know just kind of curious to get your thoughts there with the setup you know it's this this you know crazy upgrade kind of has pushed it right to the top end of the range or very close you know how are you thinking about that and you know potentially what to do with that well you know it's interesting like and you'll notice that I often have a five at the top into of my range in Tesla no matter what it is 255 265 in this case 265 because the we Jonesy the the the the crowd and obviously the institution institutions I should say you know very astute institutions who are good at um basically pushing monkeys and or macro tourists into buying at the top end of the range they understand that you know round numbers are easier for people to understand so so that you know immediately the weeklys for Tesla the 260s are going to pay out the 265s should pay out the real question is how how long does that last because now um so one I you know you very well may get a real time alert to short Tesla I've been waiting for this not for Jonah me who the hell who seriously wakes up for Adam Jonas to tell them about AI uh just people who need to I mean obviously he he was he was talking from a banking perspective as well even though he shouldn't be but um and he said it he said something along the lines of you know ample opportunity to for capital for Tesla um but you know so again Morgan Stanley Bankers need to get paid I mean we're coming off a what a 10year loan Bing and you got David Solomon getting a full CNBC paid for however they paid for it you know you know spot late last week you know to to just pump you know Goldman's business like these guys are gonna pump Jonesy they're pumping the arm the arm IPO they're trying to get this clavio um software IPO which we talked about on the call out they're trying to get Tesla up they just this is to me very predictable they just need their and want their bubbles back and there's no other option I mean they don't have there's nothing else for Adam Jonas to do other than the pump Tesla I mean he has no no other thing that he does you know so um that is of irrelevance hey there hedi Nation or if you're not part of hedi nation thanks for watching hedi on YouTube if you haven't already make sure to click on the button below there subscribe to our YouTube page you can also follow the link in the description to our website to get even more great investing content

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