Mercedes taking on Tesla with new EV concept (Video)

there was a notable concept card debut for Mercedes this weekend what's the deal there yeah so kind of kind of a stunner here that the Munich auto show of the weekend Mercedes debuted their CLA EV here uh sort of you know the CLA class normal gas powered cars they're gonna they're gonna uh kind of cancel that car sort of see it off the sunset but then they announced this EV that's going to come up based on a concept that'll be sort of almost production ready this new car uh it's quite stunning in in its looks we're going to have also around 400 miles of range if not a bit more than that so it's sort of taking on Tesla the model 3 which is around 320 or so so Mercedes up in the ante there from a range point of view but also as we know Mercedes knows what they're doing with luxury a nice wide screen digital display in that cockpit it's going to look great I think so we'll see that probably the next year or two coming out for Mercedes can come soon enough for the brand I think I love that and I love the fact that even though you know these EVS don't need a grill this one has one on there because it still makes it feel a bit a bit more special I cannot wait I'm sure at some point hopefully you get to try that out for us always great to have you on our very own across super Romanian