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the social media company on the move this morning after launching a paid adree subscription tier to Facebook into Instagram in the EU the service will be offered for around $13 on a phone apps $10 for the web platform now the tier is meant to address concerns around meta ad targeting and also data collection practices we talked about the fact of when this was reportedly going to be the case so now officially meta coming out and saying that they are doing this they're doing it because of the Crackdown that we saw in EU in the EU over user privacy data and exactly what needs to happen from these social media Giants to better protect their user data it's very important to point out that meta is going to continue to offer those ad supported services in these markets without an additional charge you'll just have to opt in for that in terms of how many people are going to be subscribing to these adree subscription I don't know about that I mean that's a heck of a lot of money on a monthly basis in order to avoid ads and not share your data but we know many users are extremely concerned about the access that some of these social media Giants have to their data so maybe this is a smart move from meta I think it is this is going to be a major shift that meta has to be able to prove to millions billions of users who have come accustomed to a free platform a free experience where they can go into this and dare I'll say it a metaverse if you will because why it's a universe that's on top of what you're already living in within your normal realm so all of that considered here what they've been able to offer for so long for free because advertisers have essentially subsidized the ability for through large multi-billion dollar ad campaigns in some cases in the ability for end users to become a customed to a free platform and perhaps yeah Buy in or transact on the marketplace or on on Instagram for instance just have to get served up a few ads from influencers or other companies who had started running ads at the end of the day for for those end users they're going to have to see something that is valuable enough for them or at least on the other side of that frame of mind too something that is so annoying in the amount of ads that you see that you say I've got to make it stop and that's the other side of it are you just going to annoy people out of the experience or are you going to annoy them so much so that they say well there's value in the platform and me still being there and having a presence here but I don't want to see all these ads so I'll just pay to not see them yeah but you also have to take into account what this means for meta's Revenue right when we come to how this is a major Revenue Source here for the company if they lose the ability then to personalize the ads they're not able to best Target some of their users unless they're opting in for the uh ad uh portion of this it could have real financial implications when you talk about the potential here for this to expand and what that Crackdown looks like across the world well because of the iOS changes as well they've already lost out on certain data points that they can advertise based on top of so they're not able to create that same indexing that they were able to provide to so many of the marketers the advertisers that were coming to them for that granularity that they could get so now what's the other side of that okay well we've got to offset what we're losing in some of those advertising campaigns by making sure that it's being paid or at least the experience is being paid for by some of the other users that are on the platform whatever percentage of it because I imagine they've run the calculus before launching something like that as any business does but in that effort I think making sure that that offsets enough not to deter people from wanting to continue to come back and advertisers recognizing that there's enough a pool of clients that they could potentially Market to yeah well EU users now when it comes to meta and Facebook they have the option here an ad free version or can uh or an ad supported version as well which of course would be free

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