MNK Stock Prediction! Mallinckrodt Stock Prediction! MNK Stock News! $MNK 7/28/2023 (Video)

[Music] hey everyone this is James with I want to provide an update here on ticker mnk or malacrot so a lot of activity on stock twits lately about this stock they've recently released some news stories talking about how they might go bankrupt so of course when you know a company announces that it might go bankrupt that's when you see all these degenerates Pile in and try to buy and try to pump this thing to the Moon you'll see this a lot too when there's a lot of high short interest if a high percentage of the float is shorted got the same type of stupid buying and a lot of people you know some people make out with money but a lot of people get screwed over pretty badly you know trying to get rich quick so we've got the recent story there um let's see about them considering bankruptcy so out on the 14th here July 14th it says they still have not determined whether it will file bankruptcy but they are considering it and then if you go a little further back in the news stories it talks about them being involved in Securities fraud and not reporting their financials correctly so it says Buxton Hensley issues a letter to malincrot PLC regarding continued evidentially false statements of financials so it says that this letter was delivered to the board of directors and also the U.S Senate finance committee which extensively outlaid an alleged and evidenced multi-billion dollar accounting and securities fraud scheme historically and presently occurring at the company so definitely a red flag here the bankruptcy is a red flag Securities fraud is a red flag but as you can see we got a pretty good pump here you have a low of 41 cents and this thing blasts off to two dollars so I'm definitely not going to be going long there's just too many red flags here you know this seems like a scam this company if they're not reporting their financials properly um and also looking at these earnings this is kind of nutty two quarters ago they lost 19 a share and then somehow they turned a profit in the last quarter but if they're not reporting their financials correctly you know it's hard to believe these numbers that they're you know reporting to the SEC so um yeah for me too many red flags with this one I think this is a joke I think this is a scam I'm not going to be touching this I'm not going to be I mean I might go short if anything if I see another good pump like we just saw a couple hundred percent move you know maybe I could look to sell a call against it or something but um yeah I don't think this is a good long-term hold at all especially if these uh allegations of Securities fraud end up being true and then if they go bankrupt as well um you know definitely not good signs so I just wanted to kind of give an update here on this ticker and tell you what I think about it um and if you're gonna go out there and try to ride one of these pumps and make several hundred percent or a thousand percent gains good luck to you and you know hopefully you don't blow your account so I'll continue to keep you updated here on ticker mnk please like this video please also subscribe to the channel if you're not subscribed hit that notification Bell appreciate you for taking the time to watch this talk to you soon [Music]