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what is up everybody welcome back to the channel we have some breaking Mong Coin News huge news for all mongcoin and mongcoin nft holders as well as one other token that we’re going to talk about at the very end who are going to be receiving a free airdrop the snapshot begins on May 22nd so six days from today at 11 A.M UTC time it looks like the team was doing good working to buy Mom currently trending again on Dex tools sitting at a 58.12 million dollar Mark cap expecting 17 000 holders to come in today if you’re part of the monk corn Community the mom hit that thumbs up ladies and gentlemen share this in the telegram make this thing go viral as we always do here’s the breaking news boncoin to airdrop Mong and Mana nft holders new coin like I said the snapshot begins May 22nd at 11 A.M UTC big news for monk among nft holders holders we’ll see the new coin Hong coin holders can claim it Hmong nft holders get an airdrop so the among nft holders get an airdrop the Mong coin holders can claim it and guys they said only follow links from our gold verified Twitter account seriously there’s probably going to be tons of scam links don’t click those so if you hold them on coin you can claim it and if you hold the Mong nfts you get a fatty airdrop we love airdrops absolutely bullish right here manga survive here’s some of the artwork here let me know in the comments guys do you guys own any Hmong nfts I think they’re very very cool nfts that’s how this project originally started now here’s the other news here that no one’s talking about the pair will be Hmong times what in order to buy this new coin you will need to hold Mong so in order to buy this new coin you have to hold Mong but it looks like Mong coin holders will get an airdrop and another token will be paired with it crypto bit Lord gave us some details I think this came after that tweet he said those holding monk or Pepe will be receiving the new coin airdrop snapshot coming soon you don’t need to hold both it’s just a gift from us to our Pepe Brothers genius marketing from crypto bit Lord and the Hmong team currently planning the liquidity pool should it start at a 1 million or a 2 million dollar market cap uh let’s start it at 1 million let’s send this thing to the Moon hurt the bit Lord start this thing out of one million what do you guys think you want to see it at one million 1.5 million or a 2 million but big news here I love how crypto bit Lord is tapping into the Pepe Community not just making it strictly Hmong but pairing with the hottest meme coin in the space right now Pepe to launch this airdrop and give Pepe literally Pepe holders are going to receive a new coin airdrop how bullish is that genius genius marketing crypto bit Lord says I’m actually the most qualified person on Earth to assess and I would say that Mong can be much bigger than Doge that’s a bullish statement here Dogecoin sitting around a 10 billion dollar market cap but Mong is heating up trust me guys the Hmong Army is very very strong I think this is a great utility to add him giving people free money is always a good thing right so air dropping Pepe holders air dropping Mong coin holders or moncoin holders are able to claim it and then also airdropping the nft holders this is the update here guys breaking news coming live this morning this Tuesday Morning May 16th Bond coin holders will be getting an airdrop Mong coin nft holders will be getting an airdrop mon Quinn holders can now claim this let me know your thoughts in the comments also going to Pepe holders I love that idea genius marketing from the Mong coin team I absolutely love it guys another major update for you on Montclair we’ll be covering this live on the YouTube live stream today at 9pm our 9 A.M PST in about one hour so come join us on YouTube if you’re watching this video we’ll see you guys soon we’ll talk about this and more huge day for Mong coin holders genius marketing to airdrop it to Pepe holders as well thank you guys so much for tuning in we’ll see you on the next episode

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