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on Wall Street three major indexes finish the lower for demands 10 out of 11 sectors in the S P 500 were in the Red Energy was only sector finished higher at the same time the tax genes lost their chance due to Jumping bump yields which back to risk of sentiments they make a cap such as Apple Microsoft Tesla and meta platform all had negative clothes for the month investors rebalanced their positions amid micro changes givenly elevated inflation jumping Energy prices and fat hawkish stands for higher for longer rates evidence shares hater record high falling standard earnings result the AIG makers Revenue jumped 101 percent year on year in the second quarter and got his point to a 170 surge in the sales revenue for the current quarter however the Blended quarter to earnings in the S P 500 company hosted biggest decline since the circle 2020 despite most companies beating Market expectations the market is punishing positive company earnings according to factset Wall Street correction May continue in September if inflation stays Decay hence upcoming August CPI data will be critical focus of that policy path the first September redecision will be a critical event for sentiments and market trends the ASX 200 finished lower in August amid watches Retreat and the Chinese economic jetters and makes company earnings result also added to the volatility on the economic front the weaker than expected July CPA data stressed us for the rbe to continue suspending is read hiking cycle offering a rebounding opportunity in ASX for the last few days of the month in the sector performance 9 out of 11 sectors finished lower for the month which can assume a discretionary are performing as best Farmers shares jumped about seven percent in August after posting recalled earnings for financial year 2023 the retailer owns Brands like Kmart and Bunnings suggesting consumers many women resilient on the other hand columnism was among big losers dragged on the material sector the meant she had plunged about 40 percent for the month on an announcement of a hundred million placement at an offer of 40 cents per share also the big manners like PHP and Retail also disappointed market with the Fourier results notepad gold miners such as gold rule resources and Silver Lake Resources outperformed with the shares of a person and 12-person respectively due to a jump in gold prices in the new months the RBS red decision lost 22nd quarter GTP and the monthly CPA that her other economic Focus rebounding opportunities could be seen in September if the CPA data passed away from end of the RB is with hiking cycle and China's economic play out will continue to offer clues for Australians mining stocks if you like my video please subscribe to the channel and I wish you a great method ahead

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