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South Korean automakers Hyundai Kia and Genesis have announced that their electric vehicles in the United States will have Tesla style charging ports from the last quarter of 2024 onwards now this will allow the owners of those vehicles to seamlessly use Tesla charges the companies part of the hyundi motor group are the newest entrance to the widespread acceptance of the technology they join Ford General Motors mercedesbenz Nissen Honda and several others in the pledge to switch to Tesla's North American charging standard now all the hyai models are currently built with the combined charging system ports starting in 2025 hyi will also provide adapters to owners of those EVS now these adapters will allow them to use the Tesla charges this marks an especially significant development for Tesla according to the figures from KY Blue Book Hyundai Kia and Genesis would together be the second bestselling EV manufacturer in the US after Tesla now earlier Tesla's charging system was proprietary and only usable by its own vehicles but in late 2022 CEO Elon Musk invited other automakers to use the company's charging design standards anal have pointed out that this could allow Tesla to argue that it should have access to federal funds to support its charging infrastructure this since the system is no longer limited to its own [Music] vehicles

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