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Morgan Stanley estimates that the dojo supercomputer may increase Tesla's Market worth by as much as much as 500 billion dollars now this is because of increased demand for the company's Robo taxi and Network Services now analysts headed by Adam Jonas upgraded dojo's stock from equal weight to overweight and raised its 12-month price Target to a street high of 400 dollars per share from 250 on the belief that the company can create new addressable markets similar to what AWS achieved for Amazon already up more than twice as much this year Tesla stock jumped as much as seven percent on Monday the expected increase in market value for the shares was about 52 billion dollars Morgan Stanley is one of musk's main advisors and the bank helped him with excess 44 billion dollars acquisition of 2 Twitter Jonas speculated that the supercomputer's ability to process large volumes of data in training Driving Systems might provide Tesla an asymmetric Advantage would the market in a market with a potential value of 10 trillion dollars therefore becoming software and services the company's primary source of profit going forward well it would be interesting to see how the next generation of Tesla's complete self-driving system pans out by the end of the year as well as the companies anticipated artificial intelligence day in 2024. now since at least 2021 Tesla has touted the advantages of dojo in artificial intelligence and autonomous driving CEO Elon Musk said in July this year that the automaker will spend over 1 billion dollars on the Venture by the end of 2024. meanwhile Morgan Stanley's base case Target price for the stock would be quite close to the high of 409.97 hit in November of 2021 now this sets the company apart from its competitors the median price estimate among analysts is 268.42 dollars [Music] thank you

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