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Ed are others of others us underestimated the potential upside coming through from Tesla uh around around dojo this is around of course the upgrade from Morgan Stanley yeah so the thesis from Morgan Stanley I should say the latest thesis from Morgan Stanley and Adam Jonas is that the long-term benefits of their work in in proprietary silicon and compute Dojo could add 500 billion to the market cap I say the latest thesis because Adam Jonas has talked up the software potential Tesla before the first time he kind of came out with this big ball case is cool and updated his call on the stock like 70 was in 2015 and he envisaged a future envisioned a future where Tesla operates like uber and Lyft a ride share service but operates its own Fleet of Tesla vehicles you know own Fleet of Robo taxis and clearly in present day 2023 that's not yet come true but Tesla has made a commitment to to develop its own silicon and its own compute power to train neural networks and the latest that Master said is that they'll put a billion dollars in an r d perspective into Dojo to make it better and Morgan Stanley sees that upside coming according to this investment firm Tesla stock could potentially reach 400 in a few months and this won't be because of its car FSD or even Robo taxi Tech so join us as we explore this new Tesla money printer that's kept the Auto industry buzzing today this video talks about one of Tesla's biggest strengths one that's not being recognized by a lot of people and Tesla investors are included this fascinating topic showcases the power and potential of Tesla in the world of artificial intelligence and it's going to be absolutely phenomenal American Investment firm Morgan Stanley has consistently emphasized Tesla's long-term gross prospects acknowledging the automaker's ambitious goals in vehicle production Battery Tech and energy storage it is even praised Tesla's leadership in the EV market and its potential for Global expansion no doubt while Morgan Stanley has voiced concerns about growing competition and the potential for Ev supply to outpace the demand for vehicles in the future it does recognize Tesla as a formidable player in the industry and today's video is going to show how it draws Global attention to one of Tesla's biggest Revenue opportunities let's Dive In back to halftime let's get to our call of the day Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas upgrading Tesla to outperform and raising his price Target to 400 that's about 60 upside from here Joan is saying Tesla's supercomputer project Dojo could have a 500 billion dollar Enterprise Value um so 400 Joe that's just where Tesla hit their highs a couple years ago but you know we've heard kind of the the up and coming aspects the the new market aspects of this Dojo computer for quite some time do you think that something's changed now that would indicate that there's an additional 500 billion dollars baked into this opportunity well Adam is the one that's that's suggesting the potential here and some other words that he uses within the note is he talks about this potentially being a 10 trillion dollar Marketplace and that Tesla maintains an asymmetric advantage in that marketplace now you hear those words that's pretty compelling in terms of believing that Tesla can continue its upward trajectory that it's had so far year to date and eventually hit that 400 price Target that he has again my ownership of Tesla is is equal weighted in its nature this is a stock that for you as a viewer you have to understand it's exhibited a lot of volatility over the last 12 months and I think you have to size the position accordingly to accept that volatility the Tesla Dojo supercomputer is a custom-built machine that is designed to train Tesla's self-driving cars it uses unique architecture and a scalability technique that sets it apart from conventional supercomputers according to Tesla this supercomputer is expected to process millions of terabytes of video data captured from real life self-driving situations from millions of Tesla cars and this will enable Tesla to improve its FSD Advanced Driver assistance system which aims to enable full autonomous driving in the future hey guys welcome back to Tesla tomorrow Tesla recently surged to its highest share price in over a month following an upgrade from Morgan Stanley that highlighted a non-vehicle revenue stream according to Morgan Stanley this business has the potential to justify a market capitalization exceeding one trillion dollars for the pioneering automaker the American Investment firm has been closely monitoring Tesla's Journey consistently offering insights into both the positive and negative aspects of the company and this time their comment was extremely bullish highlighting a critical aspect of Tesla's business but that's not even all Morgan Stanley analysis led by Adam Jonas recently upgraded Tesla from a hold to a buy rating and raised their price Target from 250 to 400 per share is this Target price feasible and how can Tesla stock price rise on the back of the ultimaker's dojo super cute computer let's find out but before we do if you like this type of content hit that like button subscribe and turn on post notifications to keep up to date on everything happening with Tesla the benefit of the dojo supercomputer for Tesla is enormous although not a lot of people realize it by creating a super computer that can train self-driving cars Tesla will gain a Competitive Edge over other automakers and tech companies that are also pursuing autonomous driving it will create new revenue streams for the automaker such as selling or licensing of a TI software and Hardware to other companies or Industries the dojo supercomputer is not just a machine but a vision for the future of AI and transportation a paradigm shift in super Computing and it will enable Tesla to achieve its goal of totally solving the vehicle autonomy at scale problem simply put the dojo supercomputer is a testament to Tesla's Innovation and ambitious technology advancements in the field of AI creating a positive impact on society according to Morgan Stanley Dojo Tesla's AI network is designed to train its own self-driving Vehicles using its own video data and it's got the potential to expand Tesla's Vision to reach Beyond vehicle sales and into highly lucrative software as a service markets it will enable faster and cheaper neural net training which is essential for developing and improving its AI models this supercomputer will also allow Tesla to leverage its massive real-world data set which contains billions of object labels depth velocity data and Road scenarios analysts estimate that Dojo would be able to contribute up to 500 billion dollars in Enterprise Value at Tesla an impressive figure considering that the company's market share at the moment is currently sitting at a capitalization of approximately 800 billion dollars let's now explore ways that Tesla can make some money from this business first up is the industry moves towards autonomous driving Tesla's Advanced AI Tech can be a valuable asset for traditional car manufacturers looking to compete in the self-driving space and for this reason Tesla can license its self-driving technology powered by Dojo to other automakers these licensing agreements and Partnerships with other companies will provide significant sources of income for Tesla similarly since Tesla collects vast amounts of data from its Vehicles this data which is collected by Dojo can then be monetized by providing data services to third parties like urban planners Transportation companies and researchers it can also be used for various purposes including traffic optimization City Planning and even academic research more interestingly Tesla can establish itself as a leader in AI research by leveraging the computational capabilities of Dojo it can offer AI Research Services to organizations seeking expertise in machine learning computer vision and AI development Tesla can also have contributions and collaborations with research institutions and startups which can then help to generate Revenue through research contracts and Licensing agreements Tesla is much more than a car company even though the Bears don't want to admit this in addition to vehicle sales Tesla is diversifying its Revenue sources through FSD licensing Insurance Robo taxis robotics Energy Products and even superchargers in this interview that was recently conducted by Tesla bull Dan Ives he disclosed why he believes Tesla's supercharger network will represent three to six percent of the company's total revenue or 10 to 20 billion dollars in Revenue by 2030. according to him with the introduction of Tesla's magic dock an adapter which will allow non-tesla EVS to charge on the nacs standard Tesla will have an incremental opportunity to further expand its charging footprint to the entire EV Fleet Ives claims that the Strategic move by Elon Musk in the long term as a supercharging network is going to allow a large monetization opportunity and it will let Tesla take up more market share in the charging Network ecosystem domestically while laying the foundations for a successful EV transformation over the next decade similarly Tesla's Insurance business continues to grow alongside its expansion into various segments and we believe that in the coming years the revenue potential for this business is going to be nothing short of remarkable Tesla's multifaceted approach to growth has already positioned it as a Powerhouse in the automotive and Technology sectors so scaling its Insurance business shouldn't be that much of a hassle the ultimaker gains more ground we believe that it can make enough revenue and it will continue to be good for Tesla stock but what do you think let us know down below and if you want to know more about what Tesla's been up to over the last few days go ahead and click on this next video on your screen see you there

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