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foreign good morning this Tuesday the 12th of September I'm Sam kanana Market Analyst at Bell direct Wall Street opened the week higher as important inflation data set to be released later in the week the tech having NASDAQ rebounded after recent weakness closing the day 1.14 higher both the S P 500 and the Dow Jones also finished Monday in the green gaining 0.67 and 0.25 respectively Morgan Stanley has upgraded Tesla stock by 10 following significant breakthroughs with its autonomous software Qualcomm shares also rallied four percent following news that the chipmaker will be supplying Apple 5G modems for smartphones through 2026. stronger than expected economic data points from last week as investors looking forward to key U.S inflation data released later this week with prior worries at the Federal Reserve May raise rates for longer than previously expected over in Europe markets close higher as investors await a big week of economic news from around the world to stock 600 end of the day up 0.34 as basic resources Rose 2.4 percent following anglo-american and Rio Tinto trading higher following gains in metal prices Germany's Dax close point three six percent higher the ftse 100 closed High by 0.25 and the French CAC finished today 0.52 in the green locally yesterday the ASX 200 closed at a half percent higher following strength in the financial and consumer stable sector this was slightly offset by the health sector which finished yesterday 0.67 in the red as for what to watch locally today the Australian share market is set to open higher with the spy features suggesting a rise of 0.1 at the open this morning in terms of Commodities oil is down 0.38 to 87 US Dollars and 17 cents a barrel and made continued concerns over China's economic recovery gold is up to 0.21 to 1921 US dollars an ounce as investors await important economic data releases later in the week and iron always down point eight five percent to 116 US Dollars and 50 cents a ton following an increase in supply for production as there is an expectation that Beijing will mandate still output controls and now to end on some trading ideas for your consideration today Bell Potter maintains a buy rating on new farm and has maintained the 12-month price target of seven dollars with shares in the AG stock currently trading at five dollars and fourteen cents per share the buy rating remains unchanged following a reversal of de-stocking Trends and growth in the Beyond yield program which is likely to see a rebound in earnings in fy24 and trade and centralizer to identified a bullish signal in South 32 indicating that the stock price may rise from the close of 3.29 according to the standard principles of technical analysis and that's all for this morning we hope you have a great day and as always happy Trading foreign

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