Morning Bell 21 August (Video)

foreign good morning this Monday the 21st of August I'm Grady wool for Market analyst with belter act Wall Street ended mixer on Friday as gains in energy and defensive sectors like consumer staples and utilities offset weakness in the large growth stocks on the NASDAQ alphabet and Tesla fell 1.9 and 1.7 respectively as investors Fair interest rates could remain higher for longer which prompted the sell-off in technology stocks the Dow Jones Rose just 0.07 on Friday the S P 500 fell 0.01 and the tech heavy NASDAQ lost 0.2 percent over the last three weeks the NASDAQ has fallen 7.2 percent its biggest decline since December beauty company Estee Lauder tumbled 3.3 on Friday after the company's annual net sales and profit fell short of analysts expectations over in Europe markets closed lower across the region on Friday as investor sentiments slides on global economic concerns and further run way for tighter monetary policy the stock 600 fell point six percent Germany's Dax lost 0.65 the French CAG fell 0.38 and in the UK the ftse 100 fell 0.65 Danish hearing aid company and manufacturer GN store Nord fell 5.9 on Friday after JP Morgan cut its price Target on the company following significant losses and weak second quarter results released on Thursday locally on Friday the ASX Rose just .03 percent as a 1.9 sell-off among communication Services stocks was offset by gains in real estate and utility stocks for the week the ASX fell 2.62 in line with the global market sell-off amid investor sentiment dampening on a future rate hike Outlook slowing earnings growth out of reporting season results and the Chinese economy continuing its sluggish growth post pandemic on the Commodities front this morning oil is trading 0.06 percent higher at 81 US Dollars and 30 cents a barrel gold is up 0.07 at 9 1890 US dollars an ounce and INR is up almost one percent at 108 US dollars and fifty cents a ton one Aussie dollar is buying 64 us cents 93.12 Japanese Yen 50 50.04 British Pence sorry and one New Zealand dollar and eight cents stocks trading ex-dividend today include vicinity centers and steadfast group if you've been thinking about these stocks that might be worth considering buying in today as stocks trading X dividend generally trade lower on the ex-dividend date ahead of the opening bell here for this Monday on the ASX the Spy Futures are anticipating the ASX to open Monday session point three two percent lower and now let's dive into some trading ideas for your consideration today Bell Potter has downgraded the rating on pwr Holdings from a buy to a hold and maintain a 12-month price target of 10.50 per share on the leading provider of customized calling solutions for the Global Automotive of Industry the downgrade was following the release of the company's FY 23 results where Revenue was a slight beat while gross profit and a bit duh were slight misses the company also failed to issue any guidance for fy24 and cash a Bank was lower than Bell Potter expected due to higher capex and trading Central has identified a bullish signal on Piedmont lithium following the formation of a pattern over a period of 22 days which is roughly the same amount of time the share price may rise from the close of 72 cents to the range of 92 to 96 cents per share according to standard principles of technical analysis and that's all we have time for today have a wonderful Monday and as always happy investing thank you