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hey everyone this is James with WS trades.com so I want to provide an update here on ticker Mullin or Mullen Automotive so there's been a lot of people out there still living in denial saying that the reverse stock slide isn't going to happen somehow David spoke with the board and they just decided even though clearly on the call they said we're going to do it you know somehow there's been these text messages between these different people and David they're not going to need to do the reverse split they've got some magic up their sleeve BS they just filed with the SEC it is uh posted to the SEC and you can see the votes for right here proposal number three which is the reverse split votes for 221 million votes against 103 million it's a done deal so I wanted to provide an update here on the reverse split and just show all those people out there that are living in denial that this is happening I mean unless you want to ignore the filing on the SEC website and continue to live in denial I mean it's happening it's here it's been filed with the SEC they talked about it on the investor call so I think all the BS and nonsense about uh you know this not happening is done please like this video please also subscribe to the channel if you're not subscribed hit that notification Bell appreciate you for taking the time to watch this talk to you soon

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