Musk: Tesla Happy to LICENSE FSD to Other Car Makers!! (Video)

hey y'all it's Dr know it all I am putting off watching the Apple keynote by a few minutes here because some big news just came down the pipeline uh Jim Hall noted this oh boy Joe Biden is going to be pissed when he finds this out haha anyway but GM CEO um maryborough says that Tesla has the lead in electric cars and doesn't see profitability in 30 to 30 40 000 EVS until the end of the decade so that's a pretty huge tweet there but this is what I really wanted to talk about here so we have Elon Musk responded to this just a few minutes ago and said Tesla aspires to be as helpful as possible to our other car companies we made all our patents freely available several years ago I believe that was 2014 it was a long time ago when Tesla was a nobody right they they were tiny tiny tiny company but they released their patents they open sourced them as long as you are using them in good faith and that is pretty amazing stuff that they did now we are of enabling other companies to use our super supercharger Network I.E Ford and that is also huge news so we'll see if GM does that and then the mic drop moment here also happy to license autopilot slash FSD or other Tesla technology so of course I had to respond to that by saying like you know well well nothing to see here folks right anyway but the second part is the more serious part which is that every other car company right now should be beating a door down beating Tesla's door down trying to get in the licensing queue this is the kind of thing after driving the vehicle uh oh extensively over the last several years in terms of full self-driving beta and specifically in terms of driving it with 11.4.2 recently yes it's not perfect yet I know a lot of people have individual issues with it it's got some Lane issues and things like that yes it's not perfect by any means it's still a beta but it is so far along and there's just nobody else out there so this is the kind of thing that if someone like Mary Barra is paying attention she better darn well be putting GM at the front of that queue I would imagine they will probably be behind Ford however because I'm sure that Farley and and uh you know Elon had a chat about that since they actually seem to really like each other a lot which is very very cool and there are other companies too certainly German companies certainly Japanese companies certainly Chinese companies potentially although that gets a little bit dicey in terms of all the IP and all that kind of stuff but anyway many many companies should be paying really close attention to this tweet this is not a nothing tweet if Elon says they are happy to license autopilot in full self-driving take it seriously this is going to be a game changer now it's been one could argue it's been sort of obvious that this is going to happen for a long time but to hear it actually explicitly from Tesla's techno King is amazing all right so that's what I wanted to say just a really quick bulletin about this I am going to now go watch the Apple keynote at like one and a half speed to catch up with real time and then I am super looking forward to the Robert F Kennedy slash Elon Musk Twitter spaces that should be really interesting as starting at two o'clock I believe my time so it's going to be a busy afternoon and I'm supposed to be getting work done but shh don't tell anybody all right in the meantime I will see everybody later like subscribe do all that other good stuff thank you all so much and I'll see you in the next one bye-bye