Musk Withdraws From Crucial Deal, EU Code Governing Disinformation (Video)

is Elon Musk now looking at shutting Twitter in Europe or will the microblogging site pay a fine of nearly six percent of its Revenue these are some of the speculations during the rounds after Twitter decided to withdraw from a European Union agreement targeting online disinformation BT TV's rashtra dhanrajani has more on this Twitter has pulled out of Europe's voluntary code of practice against misinformation though this was a voluntary quote this has raised concerns about Twitter's accessibility across Europe in the coming months when this code will become a legislation in the EU if the Elon Musk let company further fails to abide by the code which from August will be a legislation in the form of the DSA the Digital Services act the blue bird will be made to fly out of Europe the court was launched in June last year with an aim to prevent profiteering from disinformation and fake news and it also aims at increasing transparency and curbing the spread of bots and fake accounts tweeted that Twitter has walked out of the voluntary code but it won't be able to get away from it for very long when this code will become a legal obligation this is the same commissioner who had issued a subtle warning to Elon Musk the day he finished the Twitter acquisition back in October 2022 when musk's famous tweet bird is freed indicated the completion of his 44 billion dollar sale button replied to the Tweet saying that in Europe the bird will fly by the rules laid down by the EU a dozen of tech companies like meta Google and even tiktok have already signed up for the DSA and are a part of the code companies that sign this code can decide which pledges to make such as cooperating with fact Checkers or tracking political advertising and taking them down however Elon musk's Twitter hasn't signed up for anything yet [Music] if you like the video do like comment share and subscribe