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uh speaking of things that we like and maybe don't like and maybe I'm getting sick of is the Elon Musk Mark Zuckerberg Feud it's going on forever I think Zuck is sort of now tired of musk sort of being a wuss and not agreeing to a fight but let's take a look at some of the back and forth here that we've seen across the last few days I know we have something so muscles I'm up for the cage Mac cage match if he is LOL soccer versus the same in the location must says the Vegas octago whatever that is that will be their screamed on X doctor says well I can use a more reliable platform ooh big smack there musk I'm lifting weights preparing for the fight then what happens next Tucker says I'm ready August 26th here's the date musk I'm getting an MRI on my neck and my upper back that was the dagger yeah I spoke to the doctor I spoke to the PM of Italy and then they want to have a epic location of the fight yes and Lex says what is it going to get real musk says today I will drive the Tesla FSD to your house if you get lucky answer the door the fight is on I I my take away from this is Zuckerberg is actually being as funny as this whole and joking this whole thing is Zuckerberg says let's do this let's do this right musk is the one that's backing out wussing out I want to be here tonight today like a joke like haha this is funny but I feel like Zuckerberg is super serious and is actually a little annoying you're telling the the billionaire owner of Facebook I'll come to your house at a random time to fight you like but he says he's going to stream it on X it's all just marketing earned media free exposure that's all musk is trying to do and he probably is actually going to stream this on X tonight and let's be honest if you're sitting on X from him going up to the door well maybe he's going to stream the full self driving he'll stream that full self-driving test and you're going to get the push notification and there's a part of you that wonders is he actually going to go to Mark Zuckerberg's door so there's a decent chance at least I'm clicking on it so you've got to at least give Iman credit there a lot of the stuff he does a lot of us find annoying but he's pretty good at drawing your eyes right we've been following it we're still talking about it he's kind of a master marketer he's the Dave Portnoy of tech yeah literally yeah one fight it might just be a win for Elon without even having it everyone knows refs fight right

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