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starting last year and all the way through the beginning of 2023 I won on an absolutely epic buying spree in regards to stocks but by the end of the first quarter in 2023 I'd honestly basically completely stopped buying stocks that was until the past few weeks where my buy button basically got revived back to life and I started buying a ton of stocks again so I'll tell you some of the stocks that I've been buying specifically but I'll also kind of give you some facts around why I started buying right now why I stopped buying and kind of package it all together into one package here so that way you have all that information to help you with your investing and the pin comment down there is my new channel that's covering retirement Finance Financial Independence all kinds of stuff like that just check out the Ping comment down there so as many of you guys may remember last year was just absolutely crazy I have personally never bought more stocks than I did last year and so did many of our group members and many of you guys out there too we put more money into stocks than we have ever put in in our entire lives and I've been doing this for 20 plus years and I've never put more money into the stock Market than I did last year and for context just in the last quarter of last year and the beginning of the first quarter of this year I bought 20 different times I bought Tesla stock I made 13 separate buys of Google I made seven different buys of meta stock during that time I made 10 buys of Amazon during that time and I also bought too many I couldn't even go back and count there was just too many of Sofi paler a whole bunch of other stocks like that all of them just a ton of buys during that time on all those stocks but that buying spree pretty much dried up pretty quickly right there at the end of the first quarter where it basically went almost down to zero I only made two total Buys in April and that was followed up by eight Buys in May which then was followed up by just one Buy in June which was followed up by zero Buys in July and then only four in August before picking back up in September and on into October here but this is where the three facts about this buying spree come in specifically and we'll mix in the stocks that I've been buying as well as I kind of work through those those points and yes you can see all those Buys in real time and my exact price targets for all the stocks that we're going to talk about today and a bunch of other stocks as well as I left the sale up for my group because some of you guys asked for it so I left it up here just a little bit longer so make sure you take advantage if you want to learn exactly how to plan exactly how to get a price Target exactly how to do evaluation basically have a group of six and seven figure investors and myself helping you develop all those skills and develop all those targets and you get direct access to me our stock analyzer tool for free all my you know watch list with price targets I mean everything guys just check out the pen comment down there there's so much involved you want to make sure you're a part of it before that price goes up so fact number one is my plan played out perfectly last year and into this year so far because of the planning that I always do when basically all the penny stocks and all the hype stock movement and everything else everything else just basically got red hot in the market instead of buying into that hype I was busy pulling up cash and just pulling up cash I didn't know specifically was going to happen I just knew my plan told me don't buy this Hye just pull up cash from now you're going to get an opportunity which basically meant I was ready to buy and buy and buy as the market got dumber and dumber and dumber and the deals got bigger and bigger and bigger that's exactly how you end up buying more stocks than you've ever bought in your life basically depleting my cash down to virtually zero I mean it was kind those deals I'm kind of pulling from other cash instruments and other things like that in order to continue to buy and then guess what happened the market went on a rip roaring run at the beginning of this year so I implemented basically the same exact plan again I stopped buying I no need to chase any of these stocks I just basically was stopped buying and started pulling up my cash and waiting for the next opportunity that the market was going to give me doesn't mean I wasn't taken advantage of that but you know clearly when I'm making I don't know 25 Buys in a month back when it was red hot and then I go to a month where I'm only buying twice that's a huge difference there in terms of buys and obviously the dollar amounts during that time especially whenever we were at the 25 Buys in a month those were huge buys they were basically Max buys everything I could pour into it I was pouring into it so you see how you're able to pull a lot of cash whenever you you plan it out that way and have your price targets and everything else and have it all planned out accordingly which pulling up that cash once again allowed me to take advantage of the opportunities that are just now hitting us here in the stock market I'm able to take advantage and buying up stocks like Coca-Cola who's in a just a vicious downtrend really and really hadn't even done anything to deserve that downtrend outside of being overvalued at the time that's all they've done and also buy a stock like 3M where yeah they had some legal problems but they were disproportionately beat down for those problems and so now I'm able to pick up those shares on the cheap as well they're both basically great long-term dividend plays which kind of dovetails directly into my plan that I set out at the beginning of this year before I knew any of these stocks were going to fall down I set out a goal to build out a huge dividend portfolio to kind of add another pillar of income in regards to my life circumstances so I basically have you know my businesses that I run that provides one source of income I have real estate that provides another source of income and then basically I kind of wanted a dividend income over here coming in as well just kind of like as a backup in case these two things fail your real estate fails and all my businesses fail hey great I still have a nice dividend portfolio over here specifically for that I own some dividend plays they get nice dividends but I wanted to really Beef It Up over here and I set out that goal at the beginning of the year to do that if you don't believe me as my group I laid out the complete plan to the group then I did my study and my work I created my price targets you know gave the reasons why I wanted those stocks in my portfolio specifically how they kind of serve those goals for that portfolio and then basically set my price targets there and then I waited patiently for my price targets to hit I I know some of you guys that have been following me for a while hate it whenever I say have a plan have a plan and stick to it but this is exactly why I preach it so hard because it kept me out of trouble in 2021 during the hyper run it allowed me to buy light crazy despite all the fear all the Ridiculousness that was going on last year it allowed me to kind of lay off again here in 2022 or 2023 as the year began and pull up cash to once again start taking advantage of the market right now having a plan for me makes the difference between success and regret in regards to investing investing so fact number two is I will not time the bottom at all I probably won't even get close heck do we need anywhere proof that nobody can time the bottom other than the past last year or so I mean everybody was out there YouTubers CNBC The Whole Nine making prediction after prediction after prediction and even if they got kind of right they just couldn't help themselves they they continue to make predictions to where eventually everything was a mess everybody was wrong and I'm just I'm going to be like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch and other folks who say hey I can't time the bottom I can't time the market I have no idea where it's going in the short term so I'm not even going to try I'd rather be like those guys than everybody else in regards to the stocks that I've been buying right now I just knew where fair value was and I knew I didn't want to pay more than fair value for those stocks so I waited until they've hit fair value and some of those stocks are finally hitting fair value but guess what that doesn't mean they're not going to continue to go lower now they may not they may hold they may move up who knows I don't know I just know that it's time for me to start my modified DCA whenever they hit fair value according to my evaluation of the stock and that's exactly what I'm starting to do so I'm looking at a stock like Target Target specifically that you know hey fell from those crazy highs 30% or more down to you know where my price Target was and now I'm able to gradually add as it continues to fall lower remember it doesn't matter if a Stock's falling 30% or 75% because it can still be over valued in the first place and since Target kind of just now got into fair value range than I bought it means it's inevitably going to go lower which means I didn't time the bottom and I'm okay with that so I guess I'll just have to buy more shares cheaper because nobody knows how low it's going to go and fact number three is I have no idea how long this downtrend is actually going to last this one is critical for you to understand and follow me till the end here guys I know you guys going yeah LCA that's obvious come on just follow me till the end here so that way you can avoid a lot of landmines and a lot of mistakes along the way these discounts on these stocks that we've been talking about today could last another couple months it could last through 2024 into 2025 the reality is nobody knows but what I do know is I don't want to be left behind like all the folks last year who comp completely whiffed on Tesla in the 100s or meta in the 80s or paler in the 6s or any of those other things like that because it might go lower or recession is coming or anything else a lot of folks are stuck chasing as these stocks ran up because they didn't buy when they were low trying to chase stocks when they're running up and some folks are saying it's going to fall back down you know in pte example it ran up over 10 oh don't worry it's going to fall back down to seven and now it's approaching 20 I don't think we're going to get that fall back down to seven maybe it's possible that would be great but being in that position of chasing a stock or trying to figure out what it's going to do next man that is an awful position to be in and I was so glad I was just buying back then because I didn't know whether it was really going to go lower or not I I didn't think we were going to have a recession in 2023 but you know everybody throws up all these pretty charts and graphs and you know this you know inverted curve says this and this you know 1969 says this and I don't know there's just tons of ridiculous stuff out there that I just I chose to just simply look at valuation follow my plan and execute and now I'm in a spot where I'm not not having to chase those stocks point being I don't want to be in that boat in regards to stocks because I don't know how long these downtrends are going to last which everybody found out last year you have no idea if you're in a PayPal type situation where you get we're at a year plus of being able to buy this stock stupid cheap and who knows when the end of that time frame is going to be before it finally runs again or we in more of a meta style situation where you just had a few months to add at stupid low prices before it basically rocketed back up and Forex from that bottom so I'm simply executing my buys on stocks like Starbucks because hey who knows what's going to happen in the next few months for all I know they could have a great earnings and right now is the last time period I had to buy that stock under $100 for the foreseeable future nobody knows so I'm simply executing my buys as I get an opportunity on these stocks that I want to own long term hey I can't time the bottom and I have no idea how long it's going to last so I'm just simply going to execute so that way I'm not stuck chasing later on and remember if you want to see all my buy and sells in real time see my watch list complete with price targets learning exactly how to do everything we discussed today make sure you take advantage of the sale for my group that ends tomorrow where you get access directly to me you can take five courses for free we have tons of exclusive videos the best 6 seven and8 figure Discord out there we have a stock analyzer tool that you can use completely for free and a ton more just make sure you check out the pen comment down there and get your membership before that price goes up and click this video here if you want to see exactly what I'm buying in this market and click here to see my exact plan for this market so thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next one [Music] a

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