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oh yeah we got brand new coin roll hunting mats baby you guys have been asking it's time to deliver these are the brand new Penny mats they will be red I mean they are updated to the year 2023. new errors to look for all the repunch mint marks well a lot of them on there to look for and we also have the brand new nickel mats with more dates and errors added to those those will be blue we have the brand new quarter mats and also on the quarter and the nickel this is just the kind of like um I guess these are kind of like the Prototype if you will the nickels and the quarters I fixed those to have the little coin things so when you're going through your coins you can put those on there the ones that you want to kind of save and put aside so these are the quarter mats again new stuff added to those and then also the half dollar match those are the green ones quarters orange nickel blue penny red so those are all brand new and you can buy them in a set of four that's a new thing that I'm offering brain people have been asking for it so now you can get all four new coin roll hunting mats 2023 in a set of four so feel free to pick one up couchcollectibles.com and don't forget to go over to Amazon and get my brand new paper money book this thing is awesome man I really hope it helps you when you're searching through your paper money all kinds of different fancy numbers to look for on bills that are valuable as well as errors to look for on bills that are valuable so feel free to pick you up a copy in the link below on Amazon and if you don't find it just search a guide to paper money hunting on Amazon by Justin couch and you'll get that book all right make sure you guys pick up a coin mat make sure you pick up a book and don't forget to subscribe in the middle feel free to check out the videos to the left of me and until tomorrow I'll see you guys in the comment section below this is couch Collectibles and this is where I disappear [Music] thank you

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