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there is a new proposal that would make millions more Americans eligible for overtime let's talk about this I'm telling you this is a story we've been covering with the tipped minimum wage here in DC but apparently the Biden Administration is proposing a new rule that would require employers to pay overtime to workers who make less than 55 000 a year so this would be having the biggest impact on people who work and say retail food hospitality and Manufacturing workers Business Leaders say that salary requirement is way too high for small businesses to keep up with but workers say this is badly needed and you can see why again a lot of them trying to make a living if you could pay them over time maybe that has augmented the the cost that they were incurring uh it's a talker I'm from the old school yeah I worked at Pizza Hut if I put in 40 40.30 you want I want my my three over time and a half I don't blame you I mean anything over 40 was supposed to be time and having it was just understood and my boss oftentimes will make sure I was a college student pay me if I come to work okay but what are people saying about this well we took it to the streets and both people agreed with me yeah this is what they had to say new it is a new uh rule that the bite Administration would like to put forward overtime pay if you work over 40 hours a week yes but not through the federal government through the state government so I wouldn't have it be a Biden thing and you work here 40 hours a week should you get automatic overtime if you work over 40 hours a week yeah any overtime should be compensated appropriately whether that is through pay extra time off or other incentives from the company I love it that's that that's what I that's the system I grew up understanding I didn't know that we had fallen out of automatic overtime if it's 40 hours a book people who work out earlier in the backbone of this country and I think that you know when you don't have that backbone everything falls apart so it's it's important to incentivize that not just in the 40-hour work week but beyond I mean these are people who do a lot of the hard jobs that make life in America great so of our country give these people their money he said stop playing with me pay people what they're worth what they're earning it's just it's only fair you have a more lively release a more um incentivized Workforce they do the job and makes the country keep moving I think that lad with the woman who said it should not come from federal should come from State she has a point but we need to delve deeper into that we have to flesh that out later

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