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hey guys welcome back to the channel I hope you're doing absolutely fine so recently Neo has taken two big steps to boost its sales and subscription Services first one is this according to this analyst Neo 85 touring and Neo 85 are now available in Germany with a 462 month Finance including battery as service B the baas includes the access to our current 27 Power Swap stations in Europe on the top of the charging Solutions I would say this et5 was Neo's top selling car in China I believe they are launching in Europe because they want to increase their numbers there as well apart from that another big news which is coming from neoen is this Neo is hosting test drive event in Beijing in this event people can check all Neo services and features regarding the vehicle they can get their hands on new autonomous driving feature and how that features perform perform in tough scenarios like this company knows that once people will experience this around 40 to 50% of them will buy it as far as the numbers are concerned company is already delivering good amount of numbers in last week Neo deliver around 4,400 Vehicles so here I would say the sales is not a problem for Neo but the stock is still going down because of the market conditions and to overcome that Neo should deliver exceptional numbers to increase its stock price on the ground Neo is doing its best recently Neo reaches 2,000 swap stations in China however their stock price is still going down there is only one way to overcome this situation is to perform exceptional deliver almost double amount of vehicles then only we can see some good momentum and at stock price and seems like Neo is preparing for that let's see what happens next with that said thank you so much for being here see you in next update

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