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hey guys welcome back to the channel I hope you're doing absolutely fine so new Europe delivery numbers are coming out and seems like it has almost doubled so these are the model registrations by month if you will see here numbers are increasing continuously in past three months registration number have increased dramatically seems like very soon we can expect good numbers from there as well company is continuously growing in Germany now Neo will open the new swap stations in word love birds in Germany in Europe company's main focus is this country seems like they want to compete with German car makers and China also new as beating big players this is the picture from Auto Shenzhen 2023. today the crowd was really huge at new Booth as compared to others at wushi Auto so this confirms that Neo's popularity in China is better than BMW recently you would have heard that Abu Dhabi had partnered with Neo now they have agreed not to sell its shares before six months from closing date their average sales price is 8.72 85 million shares if Neo fails to turn things around in H2 it will be in real danger however I don't think that will happen because in June and July they will deliver awesome numbers because recently they have launched few new models I believe that will help them to increase the delivery numbers with that said thank you so much for being here see you next update

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