Nio VP confirmed | Prepare now (Video)

hey guys welcome back to the channel I hope you are doing absolutely fine so few important updates are coming from news and Trader Chris wrote that let's think about what Neo can do in July assume NEOS factories are fully ramped up as they have said it would here's the calculation of what their capacity is 21 working days 60 job hours is 480 cards per day or 960 cards per day for two factories which is 20 160 cars per month company senior management team and big analysts are saying this for quite a long time that in second half of 2023 Neo will deliver awesome numbers senior vice president of user operation Jim V is also saying the same thing from January to May 2023 Neo has delivered a total number of 43 854 name cards a year on year increase of 15.8 percent a total of 333 000 new cards have already been delivered further he added that we will complete the ramp up of production capacity in tune and deliver vehicles to users and friends as soon as possible in June the 85 touring which can carry more wonderful life will be launched simultaneously globally and the Chinese market will be the first to deliver all scenario smart electric Flagship SUV the new es8 will be delivered in late June all these things are happening accordingly as planned if everything goes well according to the plan then definitely Neo will deliver awesome numbers and second half of 2023 and we will see the effect of all this on its stock price as well with that said thank you so much for being here see you next update