Nvidia Joins $1 Trillion Club Amid AI Boom (Video)

the chart of the day is brought to you by crypto.com the world's fastest growing crypto app let's take a look at today's chart of the day Nvidia stock has soared following the firm's earnings report so much so that it overtook both meta and Tesla as of today nvidia's market cap is out of the billions and into the trillions at 1.01 trillion dollars now let's compare that to meta who's sitting at 680 billion dollars and Tesla which is around 636 billion dollars according to Yahoo finance data so what's fueling the market hype it turns out it could have to do with AI at computex 2023 CEO Jensen Wong showcased AI infused Tech that could redefine game development Wong believes that Nvidia has tapped into the future of video games saying that AI will contribute to the rendering and synthesis of the environment and animate the characters nvidia's Graphics Processing Unit business is also in demand as AI platforms like chat GPT and Google's Bard aim to expand some so remain skeptical Arc invests Kathy Woods said in a tweet on Monday that the chip maker is priced ahead of the curve she took pause at the 25 times estimated sales for The Current financial year that Nvidia is trading at amid enthusiasm for AI Bloomberg notes that wood closed out her Nvidia position in the arc Fund in January before the stock more than doubled