Nvidia reaches $1 trillion market cap, plus Cathie Wood’s explanation on why she missed the rally (Video)

[Music] let's get to some trending tickers for you from The Young finance homepage Nvidia number one and it's probably not even close here in today's session the stock is up about six percent and as we've been talking about has now reached one trillion dollars it is the first chip maker to get to that size of a valuation it's only the ninth company to ever do so as we have seen just this monster monster rally in the shares here today up 182 but it's not just Nvidia today that is trending basically as we were just hearing Michael larone talked about from State Street anything that has to do with AI we are seeing that Rising tide lift many many boats Tesla's unless today I guess it's sort of air related but also Elon Musk is visiting China that might be a bit of a spur for the stock palantir which is uh I guess seen by some as an AI play to some degree those Shares are up nearly seven percent and then C3 AI obviously that stock has seen a big rally this year it's up another 15 One stock that is not participating today AMD interestingly enough those Shares are down one and a half percent perhaps perhaps as it being seen that it has to do a little bit of catch up in the AI Arena and then there's another sort of AI related story that I want to talk about and that has to do with Kathy Wood of Arc invest who said who lightened up on actually removed Nvidia from her portfolio The Benchmark portfolio earlier this year before the bulk of this latest Surge and she reportedly making some comments that it was getting a little ahead of itself in terms of evaluation in terms of price action so here's the existing Arc portfolio here obviously without having benefited from that and if we can take a quick check on the year to date here and how these various stocks have done certainly there have been some big Winners DraftKings has doubled this year coinbase and winners will Tesla up 62 percent but that big 180 percent or so gain from Nvidia missing from this equation yeah really going to be banking on the Tesla AI Dojo I suppose within me are fun