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Nvidia shares pushing to the upside today hitting another record high now up just about two percent following its blowout second quarter results Revenue surging to an all-time high up 101 percent from just a year ago here with more on what this means for the broader Market we want to bring in reese Williams a spouting Rock Asset Management Chief strategist Rhys it's good to see you so the rally that we saw earlier today in many of the tech names that rally of course has fizzled out why do you think that is is a lot of this hype surrounding a Ai and Nvidia already priced into the market uh well I could I can say that the AI is priced in I mean obviously Nvidia just raised guidance by three billion dollars and which was already aggressive Kai to begin with so I I think uh the AI story is is terrific right now I think the problem with attack is is it's sort of sucking up all the money in the it uh spending budget and and I think in general and the reason why you know Tech is going to sold off a little bit here recently in in the last couple months is that the it budgets outside of AI are a bit constrained right now I think there's some hope that we're getting near the end of that that's the that's the the trouble yeah and that appears to be the concern if outside of Nvidia where you know there's a lot of Investments going into AI but maybe that's taking some money away from some of the other Tech Investments um for those investors who are watching this incredible run from Nvidia who aren't in it yet I mean as they basically missed the boat or do you still get in on this name knowing that there's still a lot more Runway based on what we heard from the company well we own Nvidia and so I'm not we I can't give you an official buy or sell decision today but I would say this is one over the long term you really want to own uh it's the leader in this space um AI I believe is the most dynamic um uh you know theme over the last 20 years I think it Rivals what went on the internet and I think it's going to be the single biggest thing that that improves productivity in the United States over the next five to ten years so I I don't think it's in the ninth inning of AI after all nobody had ever heard at AI uh in January um I think we're we're still pretty early and and Nvidia is going to be the piper at AI

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