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that has not been accessed for more than nine years just made its first move now a lot of people thought the SWAT was not under the control of anyone meaning someone made it and they lost their device or they lost their seed phrase or they lost whatever they used to get access to the Dogecoin but no it turns out this entire time this OG wall when the first to ever buy Dogecoin has had access to their Doge and yet has still decided to hold we were talking about someone who put around 400 into Dogecoin at the time by approximately 2 million Doge and since then they have seen that 400 investment go as high as close to 1 million dollars that's insane a 400 investment within less than a decade hitting one million dollars and currently investment is still doing extremely well at approximately 130 or so thousand dollars this shows one clear thing that no other cryptocurrency has which is Dogecoin has a special type of loyalty that you really can't find anywhere where else so much loyalty to the point that people are literally willing to make huge sacrifices in terms of potential financial gain just to support the cause and well there's absolutely no reason you can't take profits you absolutely should you should try to make money from it the point of Dogecoin is even if you're not interested in the profits it's still something that provides value to you even if you want to just take a little bit of profits or if you want to hold it until you retire and then take profits there's so many opportunities that Dogecoin provides for people to be loyal the other cryptocurrencies just simply don't and people take advantage of those that's even the bigger difference I mean a lot of opportunities are there but most people just sell and crash coins and that's why sheb has fallen off massively and Dogecoin is now significantly ahead of it we're literally only a matter of months away until we reach 2024 which is going to be by almost all historical accounts a massive year for cryptocurrency we are not only going to see most likely a new president who is not Joe Biden and a lot of the candidates were really love and support cryptocurrency so when we combine a new candidate with the Loyalty the Dogecoin has with the amount of enthusiasm that it brings especially during the bull market so you can bind all of that with the right cycle and we have a recipe for extreme success there will be many more Dogecoin millionaires thirty thousand percent is a lot of profit but this is just the very beginning for Dogecoin a lot of history still to be written I'm Matt Wallace this is final sand and I'll see you in next video

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