Optimism AirDrop 2023 | Earn Over $500 On Optimism AirDrop | Last Chance Best Guide! (Video)

hello everyone today I will tell and demonstrate how you can earn a small amount of money on the air with little time and effort so watch carefully and do not skip the video it is quite simple and easy to implement I wish you good luck in this draw I want to tell you about an easy way to try to get a small amount of coins in ether if you succeed you will Reserve up to two thousand dollars worth of cryptocurrency this ether was verified by the founder of ethereum himself which inspires sufficient confidence and faith in this distribution so we can go to the site of the distribution itself I want to bring to your attention to this optimism project from which we can earn from one hundred to two thousand dollars of net profit without investing anything this project is a major Kickstarter for small and large companies this project during its existence has sponsored more than seven million dollars for the development of small and large businesses around the world the essence of our earnings on this airdrop we can get a small amount of coins if you are lucky you will receive a cryptocurrency worth up to two thousand dollars everything is quite simple on the distribution site we need to connect our wallet metamask coinbase and others to the site once connected expect your assets to be verified remember that any ethereum algorithm analyzes your activity on the wallet so if you want to receive winnings on an inactive wallet with no history then this will not work if you win successfully the coin is issued to your wallet and you can use them or in my case exchange them for a more stable coin I personally use ethereum unfortunately I was unable to capture the moment of receiving the coin from the distribution but judging by the time I waited the average time to receive it was about three hours as I said before I transfer all coins from distributions to ethereum you can do this through various crypto exchangers I also recommend watching my other videos about cryptocurrency distributions thank you for watching my video in full it helps a lot to promote my videos among YouTube algorithms I would be extremely happy if you rate this video and continue to move forward with me in the world of cryptocurrencies I wish you good luck in good mood bye everyone [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music]