hello today I'll be sharing a technique that can help you earn a small amount of money with minimal effort kindly pay attention to the details I'll be presenting and avoid rewinding the optimism project is a platform that allows you to generate a net profit ranging from 100 to 2 000 without requiring any investment this initiative has been a significant starting point for small and large businesses worldwide with over seven million dollars being sponsored for their development the essence of earning money through an airdrop which is the Crux of this earning opportunity is receiving a small number of coins if you're lucky you could receive a cryptocurrency worth up to two thousand dollars let me introduce a simple way to acquire a small amount of cryptocurrency which has been validated by one of the co-founders of the ethereum Project based on their personal experience through this initiative you have the opportunity to earn up to two thousand dollars worth of cryptocurrency [Music] to begin you need to connect your wallet such as metamask coinbase or others to the website keep in mind that the airdrop algorithm scrutinizes your wallet activity so you must have an active wallet with a history to have a chance to win if you win successfully the coin will be credited directly to your wallet which you can safely retain in my case the coin was deposited directly into my wallet balance after some time I highly recommend that you do not waste any time and participate in the airdrop while it is still available I wish you good luck and big profits see you soon