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we have to talk about Pepe coin because it pumped massively yesterday and I called it out before it happened but what is next for Pepe coin is going back down again it's crashed very quickly after yesterday's pump and we are forming lower highs right now and we're coming back to this key level that we've been talking about for over a week in this video I'm going to be showing you my realistic thoughts of where Pepe Quinn is likely headed in the immediate short term so make sure you stick around to the end of this video give this video a thumbs up to make sure you are subscribed with notifications on so let's get into the video so make sure you watch my video yesterday about pepecoin highly recommend it after this but look at this Pepe coin guess what it pumped yesterday very big and then it's coming back down and what we are also seeing is that the two previous pumps prior to yesterday's pumps they're forming what is known as lower highs that is bearish Market structure and we are now approaching this key support level so if Pepe coin breaks under it and holds under this support level we will likely test this next support level which is going to be about five zeros 10 44. so from our current level to that level we're looking at approximately a 34 move to the downside pretty realistic if we break this support level hold under it then we will likely see that move so that's kind of my thoughts right now uh we could bounce up at any time because there's a lot of crazy volatility with that ceiling and crypto news and it's pumping and dumping the stock market who knows what the news and the data is going to be this week it's going to be very volatile again and it's going to shake up the markets and maybe we'll push cryptos up or down but pepecoin really completely honest with you depends on ethereum it depends on bitcoin and how those are moving and to be completely honest with you again it looks like Bitcoin and ethereum they are consolidating so we are either it's a make or break moment for cryptocurrencies we are either going to break down and crash massively or we're going to pump up and and pump massively that's kind of like the only two things that can happen because we've already been trading sideways for a long time now after these huge pumps for cryptos this year am I a humble opinion I do think cryptos are going to continue heading lower but I can be wrong and that can change course at any moment at any time with any type of good news or data that can likely actually come out very very soon so that's my thoughts on pepecoin if you guys want to be Trading Bitcoin I highly recommend that you trade over on bica it is a platform that I use to long and short cryptocurrencies where look I'm in a trade that's up 60 and I have similar trades that I posted today that you can follow in my patreon so you can join my patreon for that we're up to profitable trades just today alone every single week I'm posting profitable trades in the patreon you can have immediate access by joining the link below I have a free trading Community a telegram you can join that and I'm hosting a tournament a trading tournament over on big get where you can win up to ten thousand dollars by just using the link in my video description but that's gonna be it for this video if you guys got something out of this video consider giving this video a thumbs up make sure you are subscribed with notifications on and I'll see you later

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