so I have some breaking news if you hold Pepe calling in this video I'm going to be telling you about BlackRock one of the biggest Financial hedge funds investment firms out there they withdrew 1.27 trillion Pepe coins from binance if we go to the Pepe coin chart we can see Pepe coin is actually holding strongly above our support which if I said remember I've been saying in my previous videos which I highly recommend you watch after this video I said if Pepe coin breaks above and holds this level we will likely see a move to this level here so we can see a pump basically that's what I was saying right here in this video we're going to be talking about this much more so make sure you stick around to the end of this video if you love Pepe coin you love it absolutely give this video a thumbs up and make sure that you are subscribed with notifications on if you see that I'm constantly changing locations and my background is changing I'm traveling the world I'm traveling Europe I'm always in a different place so I don't have my fancy studio and the cool backgrounds that you guys used to see that I have so that's why you're seeing the current backgrounds currently in Spain but let me show you guys what's going on so BlackRock Witcher 1.27 trillion Pepe coins from binance and getting into the charts we can see Pepe coin is holding strongly Above This level right now which to me is very bullish I was thinking because pepecoin was holding under this box here and consolidating that we're gonna see a crash and then move to the downside that did not happen and what it's looking like to us ladies and gentlemen I'm gonna be completely honest with you and this is no bias at all uh I think pepecoin is probably going to make some type of move to the upside like this we could see something like this um at least to this other gray box here which is a resistance level but if we break above ladies and gentlemen if we break above and hold Above This level we can see another move to the upside which would be absolutely amazing but why did Black walk why did BlackRock withdraw 1.27 trillion Pepe coins from binance well maybe they are bullish on the long term of Pepe coin whenever people withdraw their cryptocurrencies from a crypto exchange it usually means that they're putting it in Cold Storage putting it somewhere that's not going to be touched for many many years or however many months because they believe in the longevity of it Pepe coin could be the next top coin out there it could be the next Dogecoin it could be the next Shiba Inu even though we have pumped a lot and it looks great and it's people made a lot of money it doesn't mean that it can't break new highs it doesn't mean that this is maybe the bottom that we will see in the next couple of years or so so things are looking pretty bullish for pepcoin it's up four percent right now in the day while everything else is pretty much red and not moving so that is pretty exciting if you are holding pepecoin Pepe's future is actually looking somewhat more promising than it was because we're holding strongly and we have even BlackRock and major institutions that are involved in this coin so it's pretty exciting we will have to see what is going on but guys if you guys want to get profitable trade alerts every single week guaranteed make sure you join my patreon where we are making money every single week guaranteed I also have a free trading Community you can join that link but also I'm hosting a trading tournament over on big get it's where you can trade Pepe coin on Leverage you can long and short it and the tournament ends at the end of this month so if you join right now you can win up to ten thousand dollars also I have a trading indicator which works incredibly for Pep Bitcoin this thing tells you exactly look we actually just got a buy alert when to buy when to sell any cryptocurrency you could try it for free at that's gonna be it for this video if you guys got something out of this video consider giving this video a thumbs up subscribing with notifications on and I'll see you later