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if you want to welcome back to our paper video update today and we are finally at the buying area of paper Yes you heard it right buying area so basically we got a triangle right now that it has been maintained for the past one touch two touches a year second touch and you got the third Touch This is why it’s considered as a buying zone for me and I’ve actually shown you before I do remember two days ago I told you all this scenario that one paper pumped right over here it actually went up to this resistance where you had this one touch second one and a third one right over there okay and I told you that at this point of time you got the support line that is coming down and you’re looking for paper to drop down there and we’ve actually done so another video prediction played out perfectly and that’s when I told you that you could have a 20 setup opportunity because if you’re looking to go back up again to that resistance right then that’s going to be a push from this current prices all the way up here again a 22 percent trading opportunity if the triangle keeps on extending here and then until we don’t get a decision by uh 31 of May so 31 of May nearly the first of the of the new months next month which is my birthday month and that’s the reason why I always tell you you know what follow this channel you might never see it again and uh yeah the signals for June is opened up uh seven more days to close if anyone is interested message me on Twitter so right now if this triangle scenario if we get the triangle to go back up in my opinion we might even see a push back up and then drop down a little bit and then finally drop all the way to the downside now keep in mind if you break below this triangle then you’re looking for this technical Target I mean we are going step by step here hold support support the coin if you are going to lose the support don’t support the coin at the back test and then you’re looking for all this drop to the downside because that’s where the technical Target is going to be for this whole triangle now let’s say you do break above the triangle though and you’re looking for something up here which is this is going to be an X resistance at 20 000 level and we’re sitting at 14 000 nearly 15 000 level at the moment so I’m not going to speak too much in details about pay pay for the next few days we’re going to be talking about this triangle every day and that’s it I’m going to see you the next one hello office

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