Pepe Coin (PEPEC) Price Prediction and Technical Analysis, CONSOLIDATING… (Video)

assalamualaikum everyone and welcome to Pepe again so Pepe sideways you know and we do have paper um you know just consolidating at the moment and I want to turn on the logarithmic scale uh let's see if it's gonna work okay back to the logarithmic scale so if we do uh look at the logarithmic scale being turned on right now then our paper has a trend line of like this okay and if you look at the logarithmic scale basically One Touch two touch and the retest is already done and successful now for me personally I don't know if there's going to be any manipulation because binance is known for that so much but there could be chances that people have the stop losses here and if it does come down and take this tall plus I wouldn't be surprised but on a perfect scenario on a perfect world I do expect to see Pepe coming up here this is a level that I've talked about before that um paper hasn't really touched uh this price level 14 000 we're trading at twelve thousand uh I made the update back in uh some like four or five days ago talking about this channel moving down you broke the channel we're coming above the channel so basically uh this little bit of a downtrend that mini downtrend is actually canceled and there is a new upside here because you're making the load the higher lows as well so if you go up come down like this you still have the low you still have the higher low and then continue up come down and then go back up and then you finally made this technical Target that would be perfectly normal okay that's not a big issue so basically when if this drops down and re-test the line again which is this trend line it's something that is very very normal and can happen because uh everyone knows this top loss is here everybody knows that because this is binance once again okay I mean other exchanges don't really do this much of manipulations but anything that does actually is thrown into but I hope CeCe never watches my video because it's gonna be like man this this guy is behind me is after me against me all the time but truth being told yeah I'm a big fan of binance back in the days but not now anymore if if you're if you're going to be playing with people and manipulate people well that's not cool so um let's let's try to check how the four hour time frame is looking like and uh can better navigate this one so basically we're just trying to climb up okay we're trying to make this small ascending triangle right here now if this ascending triangle does break down like this then you basically come down and take the Stop Plus otherwise you're looking for a move up and normally ascending triangles when you go up like this they are continuation to move even higher but in binance case uh you know the rules don't work anymore it's just gonna maybe pop even down so that's it for this Pepe update just a very very quick one I'm going to the next one hello office