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assalamualaikum if you want to welcome back to Pepe video update today so there's not too much progress other than just consolidation and a sideways movement and I've told you before that for me I do see that we have a uh you know on the for our time frame a channel that is in the making right now and I've told you before that you know you you might be pumping up so this was your move down support move up resistance calm down support up resistance down and up and uh you know you do have chances to still come up to here once again just a very very tiny move up to touch this line again get rejected and try to move even way more lower but uh let's look at the RSI because the RSI right now is positive okay if you look at the RSI we're moving up and we're moving down on the on the prices so this is a bullish Divergence very very clear bullish Divergence right there so we might expect in the future and this is what I'm just going to say that I do see that we potentially could start to break above here retest end up when you come down for the retest you might enter put a stop loss somewhere down here go up and you have an opportunity for paper to go up once again I'm pretty sure that we we might see I do see paper in the future try to come up here again and that's going to be 23 move which is pretty huge so if you do end up coming up here this is a lot of stop loss might be placed here uh this another there's another line that hasn't been retested properly and remember how this was your touch there touch here touch here you broke down you didn't go back for the full retest it seems like in the future we might be able to pay a visit back to this line that you never back tested it's just like when you go down you don't back test things you go back up or maybe when you go up and you break things you come down in the future same goes for the downtrend as well if you're going up and you don't retest things in the future you do come down to re-test them and in the downtrend when you go down and you're not re-testing like this you go down you might go back for the retest and this isn't known as dirty retest I've send this time and time again the the call Dirty readers for a reason it's dirty you know clean retest is when you break and retest there that's very clean but when you break down and go down and you don't retest you go back for the dirty retest so that's it for this update on paper just a quick one I'm going to see you the next one hello office

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