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assalamualaikum everyone and welcome back to our paper video update today and uh you know Pepe has come down again and this is the place where I do believe that paper might be ending up to go down to so as as seen in yesterday's or two days ago I talked about the ascending broadening wedge and you you've actually broken below the ascending broadening wedge and you are continuing to probably move even lower and so for me right now let's remove some of the drawings here and I was expecting a retest here so go one touch second Touch third touch but it does look like um you know Pepe is doing something like you know breakdown without any re-test and that's the exact same thing that happened with this pattern as well you just broke down without any re-test and you just drop down even lower and even right now uh all you did in in this smaller time frame here if I zoom in there is a break below it but you never really back tested the line itself now at the moment it could be possible that you can continue to go lower and it's going to be to this channel support right now so I'm just going to zoom out and this is your channel being formed up so you go one resistance second resistance and uh you literally broke above and you never back tested it so it doesn't even look like a daily retest of this trend line so one thing that can happen is you can be looking at paper to come down and touch the trend line once again so this is going to be 10 151 you are at 11 951 at the moment so that's it uh just a very very quick update on this coin nothing much nothing fancy today and I'm going to see you the next one I love this

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