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assalamualaikum everyone and welcome to the pp update okay so we're pumping up we're moving up and as far as I remember in yesterday's video actually for the past four or five days you know I've I've actually had my eyes on this technical Target and we are so close up to the technical Target 14 000 we're already at thirteen thousand eight hundred so yeah prediction another one in the nail okay um this is your wall right there this is your nail right over here this is your Hammer right over there the nail into the wall so everything is going uh as expected and right now it doesn't really stop because we I'm gonna tell you where exactly we're trying to move up so ever since on the one hour time frame you've been moving up you end up like this you made the sideways consolidation and you're breaking above so the next technical Target for Pepe is you take the top here to the bottom right there unfortunately I didn't even trade paper I don't know why I didn't do it even though I've been talking about it's gonna go up but anyways we're looking for paper to actually go up further eight point two three percent okay so it's going to be nearly 15 uh 15 000 right over there okay not even 14 000 anymore so one loss to move up eight point two three percent and yes uh of course since this is a continuation pattern we don't want to come below here so this is where your stop loss should be placed right there just below this area um so for the prices people say tell me the price is going to be 13.99 okay so 13.99 is for me the debt and you don't want to come down here uh because you're destroying the pattern itself and you're going to go even way more lower but everything in my opinion is just pointing to this technical Target I've been supporting this target uh for for quite a while right right right now as well so yeah I'll come up this is a stop loss this is the the trend line so I do think we're looking to re-test the trendline basically uh if things the maximum you can go up is in my opinion take this high come up here consolidation move up this is your technical Target but it will make more sense to touch this trend line at fifteen thousand eight sixty three now the reason being is is the following ever since you broke below the trend as I told you before right uh this was your consolidation here uh you can say you had a one two three triple bottom uh triple top or double top here and this was your neckline so what you did here with the neckline is that unfortunately you broke the neckline and you just went down you never retested this line itself so it does look like uh the time has come to really go back up to the retest here now this is we're gonna have to be careful in other words this is where the profit taken is also going to be or this is where the profit taken is going to be 14 000 or 15 000 level so yeah at the moment enjoy as as long as there's a trading opportunity just enjoy take it you never know what happens in the future but this is good good at least we'll know it's good for the trading purposes for the past few days it has been good there was a bullish Divergence uh the RSI was oversold it was a good opportunity I didn't trade and I don't know why I didn't trade maybe it's because I'm not trading any binance coin anymore because I couldn't believe that it's going to go up but anyways this one did wind up so very good I'm trading something else using Maxi as well and the max is not sponsored but it's a good exchange and that's it for this update on uh you know Pepe I'm going to see with the next one on the office

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