the moment of truth is now approaching for Pepe coin and if you guys hold pepic when you want to understand what's about to happen for pepecoin give this video a thumbs up subscribe with notifications on and make sure you stick around to the very end of this video so pep Bitcoin has been heading down for some days without any breaks we've down we are down about 25 from this peak to the our current level about 25 we are now approaching a very strong support level which we typically end up bouncing and seeing a big move from but if we break our current support level we are likely to see another it's going to be about 34 move to the downside and potentially even further but most importantly we are seeing all coins beginning to pop right now and to look very green and bullish but here is the thing for Pepe going Pepe does that support kryptos are bouncing up and this could push Pepe coin up most importantly what we are seeing this is called the inverse Head and Shoulders pattern and this is typically a bullish reversal pattern and basically what this means is that when you're in a downtrend you see lower lows and lower Highs but what's happening here is that the Bulls are pushing the price higher preventing the Bears from making lower lows creating this pattern called inverse Head and Shoulders that's what we are seeing here and there is a possibility here that we actually do bounce up from here and test this resistance level and if we break and hold Above This level we're going to see a very big move guys so you better get ready and Mark these levels down on your charts if you guys want to be trading pepecoin you can do it over on big get where you can be participating in my trading tournament where you can win up ten thousand dollars at the end of this month you can have access to my trade alerts through the patreon if well if you guys as well if you guys want to be copying my trade alerts that are up 150 percent highly recommend it guys and also I have a trading algorithm that tells you exactly when to buy and sell Pepe coin in every other cryptocurrency look at this we had a seller at the very top so you could assure it all the way to the bottom then we got a buy alerts there's nothing out there like this and you can try it risk free for free at Apple all the things that I'm mentioning are in my video description including my free trading Community that's gonna be it for this video if you guys got something out of this video consider giving this video a thumbs up subscribe to the notifications on and I'll see you later