PM Modi To Meet Elon Musk In New York During His Official State Visit Along With Other CEOs (Video)

[Music] it was more than a year ago that Tesla first tried to make inroads into India a red electric Tesla was even driven to the road transport and highways Ministry to be Tried by Ministry officials in Hope of a red carpet welcome by India talks however broke down over what Tesla was demanding and what the government was willing to offer then around four weeks ago Elon Musk again raised hopes that Tesla could still be headed to India in an interview the billionaire announced that Tesla would decide the location of its next Giga Factory by the end of this year asked whether India was a possibility musk replied absolutely [Music] attracted attention especially as it came just a week after a fresh round of talks between top Tesla officials and officials from various Ministries the company reportedly softened its stance considerably and has proposed setting up a factory in India to build electric cars for domestic sale and Export Additionally the company is reportedly also looking at manufacturing EV batteries in India [Music] for Elon Musk India has proved a tough not to crack Not only was Tesla not allowed to drive into India his darling internet services has been barred from offering web connectivity in the country Starling has thousands of low-level satellites providing internet across the world at speeds ranging between 50 and 150 Mbps the government however shut it down in India last year refusing to give it a license to offer services this came even as Airtel and Reliance jio rolled out their own satellite-based internet services prime minister Narendra Modi will be meeting several thought leaders in New York after reaching the city Tuesday Mornings these include American billionaire investor and hedge fund manager Ray dalio who has been particularly bullish on India Paul Roma the senior vice president of the World Bank and Nasim Nicholas Talib known author and former opinions Trader and risk analyst but all eyes will be on the meeting between Modi and Elon Musk who has just visited China and now has to decide whether he wants a pie of the Indian market or not Bureau report business today TV if you like the video do like comment share and subscribe