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what's good what's good welcome back to invest in trade with Jax quick update for Matic as well as eth uh currently we're seeing 86 cents we're up 0.72 on the day see a mark half of 8.05 B 24 volume 237 million let's hop into the charts so a couple scenarios for Matic um we could come down in that wave five just sideways uh choppy price action right now or the bullish scenario is that the five-way move is complete this pullback is finished we pulled up in a one and you could be looking at see I could look at like a b c into a wave two and then looking to push up in a way three if we can come up and break about 90 cents that would be more confirmation of the bullish scenario and if we break down and we lose this low at about 84 cents and that's where you can start to come down to about 78 cents we just basically have to wait for the breakout on The Daily time frame we almost came down to our support of about 78 cents which is a major level we do have a strong bullish Divergence on The Daily money flow but usually support and resistance are like magnets for the price so we still may come down there but if we can start to get back above the 20 EMA on The Daily and back above the 55 then more confirmation of that breakout to the upside eth pretty similar I am leaning a little bit bullish but if this pattern were to break down then you could definitely see continuation down you'd probably look at an ending diagonal for a wave 5 to about 1703 but if we break out of this ascending triangle then this five-way move down can be complete completing the wave C completing this large wave two and you'd be looking at a wave one pulling back in a wave two pushing up into wave three and we have a small ascending triangle if it were to break then your upside Target is about 1882 but if it does break down and then that's when you see continuation down to 1703 and that will take you down to about 1747. so we just have to wait until um this pattern breaks there is currently a holiday in Canada it might be in the UK as well Victoria Day um so the Market's moving pretty slow looking at the daily chart we had our inverse Head and Shoulders we came back we're holding his support we are underneath the 20 and the 55 EMA that haven't quite printed the Bears cross but if we bounce we get back above them continuation up to about 17 18. money flow is getting low RSI hasn't quite reset yet on the daily chart but I do think of breakouts around the corner whether we have one more lower low or not so that's it for this little update more confirmation 4matic if we can start to come up and break these highs about 88 cents especially if we break about 90 cents away for high then you can see the continuation to the upside and if we come down we lose this support at about 84 cents higher likelihood of coming down to that 78 Cent price Target before bouncing and seeing continuation to the upside all right gang we are currently in three trades one for Bitcoin one for sandbox one for ethereum you can have a 30-day free trial to my trade signals if you sign up to Bick it or buy bit make your first deposit takes two minutes and then email me a sign of email over 2 000 members posting chart patterns talking all things crypto and a 30-day free trial to my signals analysis the analysis is posted daily member profits how to all plays crypto news um or it's 10 bucks a month for direct access sign up to the patreon link smash the like button for the YouTube algorithm see you in the next video much love take care

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