Putin issues warning, Carnival stocks falls, Tesla downgrade: Top stories June 26, 2023 (Video)

here's a look at some of the top stories of the day Russian President Vladimir Putin breaking his silence after the mercenary Rebellion over the weekend whom warning in a televised address to the nation that those involved in that Revolt will be in his words brought to Justice he said the Wagner soldiers have the opportunity to sign contracts with Russia's military or go to Belarus this coming just hours after the head of the Wagner mercenary group you have getting purgosian defended his actions he denied trying to ALS Putin from Power Carnival shares is sliding more than seven percent on the day despite second quarter results beating estimates but the stock has been on fire this year as demand rebounded ahead of today's move shares from 96 percent Carnival CEO telling us moments ago that the cruise line is just quote scratching the surface on demand and will be profitable in the third quarter and finally Tesla suffering another downgrade Goldman Sachs cutting the stock to neutral from by this comes after similar moves from Barclays and Morgan Stanley despite the downgrade the Goldman analyst did raise its price Target to 248 dollars a share