it's not often that I make two YouTube videos in one day the first day that I ever find a token but this token is doing things that we've yet to see before in the entire crypto space the token we're talking about today guys is refund coin it came out four days ago surpassed a hundred plus million dollar Marquette 15 plus exchanges many many tier ones uh close to 10 000 holders we just had a Twitter space guys there was a thousand people in there and I'm pretty sure when I started following this account this morning they had like 18 000 followers on Twitter now they're at 30 000 followers on Twitter this is wild if you're part of the refund Community guys smash that like button leave a comment below leave some comments Below guys and also subscribe to the YouTube channel if you want more content like I said they launched on May 19th up to 100 million dollar market cap uh consolidated around a 52-53 million dollar market cap back up to a 67 million dollar Mark cap today now I made a video kind of going over refund coin in detail I'll link that video If you haven't uh seen it here yet go watch that video first but I missed out on a lot of stuff because there's so many things that have happened in the first four days guys did you know this token was is listed on 15 exchanges in four days and when I was on the Twitter space which will highlight in just a second I was thinking I go no token history has ever done that except eight coin which was founded by the board ape Yacht Club Community obviously they have incredible connections within the Twitter space they were listed on binance cuecoin Kraken Gemini coinbase everything at once this token was listed on major exchanges in four days which leads me to believe this developer must be incredibly connected in the crypto space so they got listed on qcoin for those that don't know qcoin uh they're one of the biggest exchanges of the world 2.5 million followers if you look at the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world they're number four in terms of volume doing 379 million dollars in a day you Quinn does not list anybody like whoever the developers must have incredible connections to get listed on qcoin this early they're also listed on another tier one exchange huge Exchange in Asia this listing has already gone live you can see today it went Live May 23rd at 11 A.M UTC and another listing ZT exchange so 15 exchanges in a matter of four days which is absolutely mind-blowing congrats and hats off to the dev team for working so hard and being able to make this happen now I mentioned the Twitter space that we're on uh shout out to stucky.heath guys make sure to go follow them sticky stacks for uh hosting this space I was on there with Rodney henock stecki your pup we had a lot of fun it was a two-hour space I had a lot of fun the community is so strong it's honestly mind-blowing you guys know I don't hype up like it's true this community is wild I put out a tweet uh which one was it it was this by wall tweet right here you can see right now it's 358 so this was an hour and 20 minutes ago 11 000 views already 324 likes it had 100 likes within one minute you guys heard me on the space it was wild and just look at all the buy walls look at the buys coming in for this token 75e two weeks major buys coming in for this token uh 2.2 000 people tuned in to hear about a token that's four days old if that doesn't tell you that a community is forming I don't know what will There's Something Brewing here with this token you can also see it on Twitter RFD had 3.41 million tweets on Twitter trending on Twitter in the business and finance section and it's only been live for four days I don't know what it is your pop was saying like I can't believe it's true I can't believe it's true we were like we were shocked that it was true but here's the thing when it comes to RFD we're shocked because not many tokens are able to capture the crypto's attention like this right we saw Pepe do it but it took a little bit of time we saw monk do it we saw a ship to it but they all took time this token is doing it in four days there's something special Brewing here I'm happy I found it when I did I'm happy I aped in when I did and I'm excited to see where refund coin goes we don't even know the full utility we don't even know the story all we know is that the that blur Dot eth and OG in the space that has nine figures started this token the community is forming big money is coming in and we're excited to see where this thing goes so refund coin is a new gem I'm happy to be a part of the community I'm happy to continue making content let me know if you guys are bullish on this token in the comments and we'll see you guys on the next episode thanks so much everybody