Report accuses Tesla of failure to protect customer data | Latest World News | English News | WION (Video)

now a report has claimed that Tesla has failed to protect its customers data and has received several complaints over its driver assistance system this is the latest hassle which has caught the electric car making firm owned by billionaire Elon Musk the report has been released by a German newspaper handles blood it has cited over a hundred gigabytes of leaked confidential data the report says that customer data was found in abundance in the data set which is being referred to as the Tesla files this file contains more than a hundred thousand names of current and former Tesla employees apart from this it also contains their personal email addresses phone numbers salaries as well as details of bank accounts this breach if proved would constitute a violation of European Union's data Protection Law this in turn can lead to a fine which would be equivalent to four percent of its annual sales reacting to the report the data protection office in Germany's Brandenburg said that the leak is massive citing the same day to set the report also revealed that Tesla has received a large number of complaints over its driver Assistance programs it states that there are over 4 000 complaints on sudden acceleration or Phantom breaking in its cause Tesla has already been facing intense scrutiny over its automated driving system with the Advent of the new breaches and complaints the automobile giant can face further complications we are now available in your country download the app now get all the news on the move