Report: Tesla, Saudi Arabia in early talks for EV factory | Latest News | WION (Video)

meanwhile there is a strong push for electric vehicles around the world if reports are to be believed Saudi Arabia is in talks with Tesla to set up a manufacturing facility in the Kingdom let's tell you more according to Media reports Saudi Arabia has been working with Tesla for rights to purchase certain quantities of metals and minerals that the company needs for its electric vehicles the report comes just hours after Turkish president asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk to build a vehicle Factory in Turkey the Saudi Kingdom has been trying to shift its economy away from oil one of the proposals the kingdom is considering it involves extending financing to Commodities Trader trafficura but how will this help them with Tesla World traffic Europe provides Tesla with Cobalt and copper two of the most important components of EV battery and financing traffic Europe may eventually help Supply the supposed Tesla vehicle Manufacturing in the Kingdom if an agreement with the Saudis is successful Tesla might be able to achieve its goal of selling 20 million Vehicles annually by 2030 up from around 1.3 million sales in 2022 while Tesla currently has six factories and is building a seventh in Mexico as well [Music] thank you