Robotaxi vote: Driverless cars to hit slow or fast lane (Video)

left waymo Cruise Uber all these companies will swing into Focus as a state agency decides whether or not to allow robot car providers like alphabets at waymo and GM's Crews to expand their or pay no safety driver uh policy and services to all of San Francisco day and night now this vote already delayed twice comes amid a pushback from those concerned about safety and of course urgency from technologists Cruz and waymo and their PSA the tech is safe compared to humans behind the wheel but like Ford and Tesla many of them have plowed billions into this space and they're desperate to make it work those that are against driverless cars say that there needs to be more testing against things like winter weather driving rain hot weather blistering heat none of which San Francisco can offer so where is the salad dressing well safety is of course the chief concern among San Francisco agencies but they have virtually no authority to regulate autonomous vehicles and that could be the main problem there simply is no precedent in this space thank you