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all right we have some breaking news sales force out with its second quarter fiscal year 2024 of results and let's break down the numbers it's actually a pretty strong report here from Salesforce digging into what we're seeing revenue and EPS beating on here so a beat on both the top and bottom line their guidance also coming in better than expected for the third quarter they also raise their full year outlook for sales and earnings so Salesforce seeing third quarter sales of 8.7 billion to 8.72 billion estimate there was for 8.66 billion when you take a look at what they're expecting for the full year they raise their full year so sales Outlook 34.7 billion to 34.8 billion also they raise their full year earnings Outlook as well the company also raising its full year operating margin there's a theme Here raising the full year operating margin view to about 30 that's up from 28 and again second quarter results second quarter adjusted EPS two dollars and 12 cents it was for a dollar and ninety cents a share revenue of 8.60 billion the estimate was for 8.53 billion so again here beat on both the top and bottom line for its most recent quarter the company raising its expectations for the third quarter also raising its expectations for the full year and Akiko no surprise for seeing shares up just about five and a half percent yeah this is certainly a very positive report when you consider the chatter around the cloud space for some time you know in a lot of these earnings calls that we've gotten we've heard about the pullback that we're seeing especially in Enterprise in terms of tech investment or I.T investment I should say um and that's been concern a concern led to concerns about what's happening in the cloud space but this certainly seems to point to some positive outlook here at least for Salesforce also looking here Shawna cash flow cash generated uh up uh 142 percent year on year there too so uh we'll see you know we'll be listening to that earnings call as well but at least for right now we're seeing that stock up more than five percent right now

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