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hey everyone welcome back to my Channel today I am beyond excited to share something truly Innovative and game-changing for all you camping enthusiasts out there as many of you know I recently came across an incredible device that takes camping with your Tesla to a whole new level I can't wait to show you what it's all about all right let's dive right into it this is kind of kind of cool idea right here right here goes into your tent takes advantage of the uh the heating and cooling out of your model y or your Model S or your model uh three and uh Heathman cools the tent Feast your eyes on this little Marvel this Innovative device designed by John Engel and the team at Camp stream Taps into your Tesla's heating and cooling system to transform your camping experience imagine having a cozy climate controlled tent right beside your electric ride it's pure genius now let's see how this magic Works to get started simply activate Camp mode on your Tesla then attach this specially designed vent cover to the vent Outlet this connects to their patent-pending window device which ensures your car stays clean and protected from the elements you know as a passionate camping Enthusiast I always strive to blend nature with technology in the most sustainable and convenient ways possible and this device aligns perfectly with that Vision it's all about embracing the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying the Comforts of modern living one of the things I love about this device is its versatility whether you're camping in scorching summer heat or chilly wind tonight's it's got you covered the thermal sleeves they provide are a brilliant addition they reflect heat on hot days and keep you warm when it's cold outside another aspect I appreciate is the ease of setup you can use this device with various tents or camper tops making it ideal for any camping style and it's not just for Tesla owners rivian enthusiasts can also join in on the fun let's take a closer look at what's included in the complete camping kit USBC ports for charging your devices on the go secure Clips to keep everything in place and a convenient 10-foot hose to reach your tent easily plus they provide a travel case to keep it all organized in your trunk that's all for today folks thanks for joining me on this exciting Adventure if you enjoyed this video hit that like button subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications so you won't miss any future updates until next time keep exploring keep innovating and keep making Unforgettable memories in The Great Outdoors

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